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“Chateau La Haye 1989”
23 april 2020 07:04
Graham Jepson
In +/- 1993, I bought a case of 1989 Chateau La Haye from your shop in Duinzigt. I opened the last bottle yesterday. The cork had gone but there was no leakage. I strained the wine to remove the pieces of cork and I got a crystal clear dark wine with a beautiful brick-like rim. It needed oxygen so I left it for a few hours. It had lost some of its body but it was still a lovely wine with notes of smokiness, eucalyptus, red and dark berries. It was very much front of the mouth but went very well with a cheese and onion tart. Amazing that it was so good after 30 years. Best wishes and baei danke - Graham Jepson in South Africa.
Deze beoordeling is een persoonlijke mening, niet die van Crasmedia B.V. zelf.

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